Upcoming Class Locations

Greenville, SC
Introduction to Pyrometry
11-12 March 2020

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Rzeszow, Poland
Introduction to Pyrometry
2-3 March 2020
Coventry, UK
CP: The Science & Engineering of Anodizing
4-5 March 2020
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Suzhou, China
9100 Internal Auditor
16-19 March 2020

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Course Outlines

Quality Related Courses
Providing insights into tools and techniques to ensure a high standard of quality, whatever the special process performed at your facility.
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Nadcap Audit Criteria Review
An in-depth review of the Nadcap audit criteria for a special process. Available across a number of special processes.
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Nadcap Audit Preparation
Designed to provide an overview of Nadcap requirements related to the audit. Available across a number of special processes.
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Special Process Courses
Focused on improving skills and competencies in the aerospace workforce across a number of different special processes, (3) levels available.
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